When Life Happens

Have you ever had some big accident just completely knock your train right off the track? Perhaps a life event that seemed impossible to bounce back from (break up, death, lost your job…)

This week we had a lawn mower accident, surgery, and a lot of relational questioning. It seemed like the world should have stopped to give me time to figure it all out, to deal with what was going on, to let me catch my breath. BUT anything but that happened. 

This week is one of THOSE weeks, where you feel like every hour you get buried deeper in the sand. The to-do list is getting longer, the I want’s and I need’s are never ending, and the fun stuff is completely on the back burner. Ever have one of those weeks??

The big question is how to we deal with those weeks? How do we accept what is happening and keep moving? How do we not let these circumstances completely derail us for the long haul?

Below are some of my personal favorite, helpful tips that I remember during weeks like this:

  1. Acknowledge and accept what is going on.
    • It is entirely too difficult to move forward if we are pretending like there is nothing wrong. It is near impossible to get over something is we ignore that it ever happened. Take a moment or three to be sad, angry, have a pity party, cry, scream, punch a pillow, whatever you need to do to take note of what is happening, feel what you are feeling, and just sit in all of it. Then we need to pull out and put on our big kid underwear.
  2. Find your strength and support.
    • I highly encourage you to look inside and outside of yourself. Look to your values, your faith, your purpose. Reach out to friends, family, church, and community. Regardless of how many of us live our lives today, we were not meant to go at this life alone. There are miracles happening every day in places that still hold the village sacred. We can do so much more when we work together as a team, family, community, etc. And if that is just not a possibility connect with why you do what you do everyday. Connect with what you want your life to stand for and be remembered for, how you are making a difference (no matter how big or small) in other people’s lives. Let these things drive you.
  3. There is always a way or a reason.
    • Sometimes it is both, but often times it is one or the other. Too often we give up entirely too early. We let all of the pain, stress, frustration, drama, fighting, etc take over, smother out our fire, and consume us. If we would learn to look at things from different angles, search for the positive, ask God (or whomever you put your faith and trust in) questions and for guidance. But sometimes things happen to teach us something, help us grow, or push us to make that big change we have been flirting with. 
  4. Try to stay POSITIVE.
    • This is also not an easy one, but it is definitely one of the most important. Whether it is a happy moment with your kids, a small success of finishing all of the laundry, getting out of the house for the first time that weekend. When we feel like our world is crumbling in around us, we need to focus on the good things, the successes (regardless of size), the little bits of joy, accomplishments (ours and others), and most importantly that whatever is happening, whatever it is that we are suffering through it will eventually come to an end, lighten up, or be conquered.
  5. Keep moving. An object in motion stays in motion. 
    • Now let me start by saying, I KNOW THIS IS NOT EASY!! But if you can just do a few things — put a load of laundry in, make one of those 50 phone calls, check the email, or put away the dishes — it will be easier to keep doing those things. There will be less things to do later when you are trying to catch up (even one less thing to do can sometimes be SO helpful!) 

Life is a fickle friend whom regularly is trying to keep us on our toes, test our limits, and challenge us to be better, stronger, and smarter. If we can realize this in our greatest and our toughest moments we can always come out on the other side. And more times than not at least somewhere near the top. We can maintain our sanity, we can jump back into life, and we can take our lessons, our new found strength, and the memories and adventures and make a bigger, better difference in our lives and our worlds. 

So the next time you are having one of those weeks, what will be your plan to come out on top on the other side? To keep some things in order and moving along without letting life stop you in your tracks?

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