We are So Excited!!

Hello!! How are you?!?!

It has been a wonderfully eventful last month around Time Order Purpose Organizing. First, please let us apologize for having not updated you sooner, but we are here now, and want you to be able to share in all of the fun.

Part of the reason we have been missing in action the last few weeks was that we were off becoming a nation wide company! After officially serving clients in Boston and Connecticut we can boast a national company claim. This is super exciting it opens a lot of doors for us to help more people and make a bigger difference.

While on the east coast I was able to play day of wedding coordinator for a dear old friend — putting my organizational, project management, and delegation skills to work. I was able to visit and catch up with lots of friends and family members, stuff myself on a variety of seafood, and exceptionally missed home cooking.

When I took a minute to reflect on the latest adventure, this is what I came up with:
18 days
2 countries (yay new stamp in my passport)
9 states
3 islands
5 planes
4 subways
3 rental cars (nearly 2000 miles driven)
2 buses
3 boat rides (2 ferries)
4 beaches
1 wedding
1 new tattoo (or two depending on how you look at it)
31 organizing hours with 5 clients
Best dad in the world
Countless amazing memories
Fantastic times with friends and family
Ridiculous sun burn
Copious amounts of seafood
Free flowing ideas and implementation
I’d say it was a huge success!

I ended the 18 day trip on St Maarten Island with my business coach Danelle Delgado and 11 over OUTSTANDING business women. I am so absolutely grateful that I invested in myself to be surrounded by these amazing women, and Matt and Caleb Maddix — if you do not follow these three powerhouses, you should definitely check them out!

One of the greatest things that came out of this retreat was really getting deeper into touch with my story. I have talked about it with some people in the past and it has regularly popped its head out from the clouds many times, but I have never really given it the attention it commands. 

If you follow me much, you probably know that my parents divorced when I was 2 years old. The divorce was messy, there was a lot of fighting, yelling, name calling, cops, therapists, courts, and on and on. While both of my parents tried their best the divorce and subsequent lifestyle we ended up living definitely played a huge part in where I am today.

For me organization came into play because I needed a way to have some control in my life. Even at a very young age, I would categorize and sort things, and was always trying to help out where I could around the house. Through controlling my environment through keeping it clean and organized, I was better able to handle the chaos of the divorce. 

Later in life, both of my parents worked… A LOT. This left what felt like little time to really talk about important things. We were ALL so busy. My sisters and I did gymnastics and started competing at 7 or 8 years old. I know my age 10 I dreamt of owning an entire music based empire that would help musicians keep from having to sell out in order to make money in the music business. 

I always had the feeling I was meant for more, could have accomplished more, if only I had knew what was out there, what was possible. I know we are always told anything is possible, you can do anything you want to do. However, if you do not have a lot to fuel your imagination that anything does not seem very exciting. 

With all of this being said, I have discovered just how much my parents being divorced has played into who I am today, and I want to help other families trying to wage the waters of this very difficult thing called divorce. I know this will not be an easy feat, but I know it is necessary. I truly believe I have finally found my calling. 

I have always been a great liaison between different groups in my life, and I think this will serve me well when trying to deal with divorced parents. I have a passion for working with kids, helping them know and like themselves, and most importantly start understanding all of the wonderful possibilities that actually exist in the you can do and be anything and anyone you want to. I know I have a plethora of skills around helping to create standards and expectations. Plus, I can help families institute more responsibility and accountability to create a team atmosphere. 

It feels so great o be able to connect more to my heart, and bring my past into my future instead of keep shoving it back down in the dark dungeon. I believe when we embrace our path behind us the path in front of us truly is lit for greatness. 

So we want to thank you for being on this journey with us. We would love the opportunity to hear from others about their experience of taking their children through a divorce. 

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