Values, Vision, and Virtue

Over the last few weeks, well years really, but particularly the last few weeks, I have been putting extra time and effort into my vision, values, and virtue.

After much thought, asking and answering many questions, great self reflection and looking into the past and future I have settled on the values I feel best describe both the life I have lived and the life I want to continue living.

Making a Difference


There have been times in my life where I did not know what my values were and where I wanted to go. It was most often in those times that I found myself lost, alone, and broken down. I did not have a guiding light, a structure to base my decisions on or a compass to help keep me on track.

I am confident Values, Vision, and Virtue go hand in hand, and it is very difficult to be clear on one without the others.

Have you recently taken time to define your values? To determine what values you grew up with — and more importantly to see if they are still serving you today in the life you want to lead? Check out this great worksheet to help you consider what your values are. Or if you are ready to go deeper and do some tough work Dawn Barclay has made a fabulous workbook!

When is the last time you spent sometime dreaming? Do you know who you want to be, what you want to be doing, where, how, for whom, etc? Check out my Dream a Little Dream with Me Challenge. Its a fun exercise to do morning and night, just keep in mind it gets much easier, more fun, and vivid the more you do it.

The first time I let myself dream like this, all I “saw” was a lot of white, it was bright, I heard cool music. I heard, saw, and smelt the ocean. And most importantly to me I felt like I was radiating happiness. My tip is do not get frustrated or angry because you don’t get much, it gets better!

When you take the time to figure out your values and vision – virtue, steps right in and takes its place in your life. You have something to stand for and your values generally end up being in line with your morals and therefore, it is almost difficult to not be virtuous.

When these three things are in place the how, and when we do the rest of the things in life fall into place much easier. We can figure out why we want to do certain activities, how getting organized will be beneficial to the rest of the things we want from life, when the right time to make big moves and changes is. Your values, vision, and virtue are not directions for life, but they surely are your compass, light, and driving force to keep you going. 

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