Stop the Tupperware Takeover

Do plastic containers attack you every time you open your cabinets? Are there more tupperware bottoms than lids? Does the random circle top elude you as to how it even got into the house?

Tupperware is one of those wonderful things to have, but these days there are so many different size, type, shape, and colors of containers it can be difficult to keep them all tamed. You may have a system in place that has each piece accounted for or you could be the person that just throws it in the cabinet and hopes for the best. Either way we hope you will enjoy our step by step of how we take control of our Tupperware.

We are big fans of regularly giving everything a freshening up. I am sure most people would have been able to come into my house and look in the cabinet and find a container and lid that went together. However, the fact that there were at least 7 different piles of containers in the cabinet was driving me crazy!

That being said I decided it was time to do some organizing. 

When working with tupperware there are some very distinctive steps we always take:

  1. Find every last piece of tupperware and put it all in one place. We like to use the dining room table. (Be sure to double check the dishwasher, fridge, cabinets, kids’ rooms, garage, etc.)
  2. Separate by general shape/size. We like to put square with squares, rectangles with rectangles, and circles with circles. We do this for both bottoms and lids.
    1. IMG_20160103_075821 IMG_20160103_075755
  3. Inspect each piece as you are separating. Look for cracks, major stains, funky smells, etc. If you are not comfortable or confident in using the tupperware for food consider tossing it, or finding a separate storage place for non-food containers.
  4. Match up the lids and the bottoms. We make sure the lids go on fully and stay on. This is where is can be fun for kids to help because you can build some cool things as you stack up the containers – or even more fun knocking them all down!
    1. IMG_20160103_075802IMG_20160103_075758
  5. Sort out any tupperware that is not yours, needs to get tossed or find a new home, and any non-matching pieces.
    1. Anything that you know is not yours, put in a bag near the door and use as an excuse to go visit some family and friends as you deliver it back to its rightful owner.
      1. IMG_20160103_081919
    2. Throw away the bad, broken, unusable pieces.
    3. Mismatched pieces you can do a couple things with
      1. Toss them.
        1. IMG_20160103_081829
      2. Host a tupperware swap party – never know who  might need your mismatched piece.
      3. Put in an “on hold” place for one week to see if its mate appears.
  6. Stack the containers and lids according to size. Generally, we separate the lids and containers. The way my kitchen is set up the containers are in the cabinet and the lids have a bin in a drawer. I utilized smaller bins/boxes to help sort the different shaped lids. 
    1. Stack largest on the bottom.
    2. Stack by shape helps keep things easier to see and use
    3. IMG_20160103_082019 
  7. Put them away. Sounds simple, but make sure once you have gotten them all stacked that they have a place to go back to and are not just going to sit on the table or counter until someone else does the last step. 
    1.  IMG_20160103_082525IMG_20160103_082257

We hope this was helpful and that you have some simple tips you can utilize for taking control of your tupperware. These general ideas can be used similarly for many different things. Please feel free to share before and afters. Please feel free to ask questions specific to your situation we love to help out and share our ideas! 

For some cool fun ways on how to store all of those containers check out this great post we found.

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