To Lead or Follow – How About a Little of Both?!

Day to day so many of us get caught up in the ebbs and flow of life, to the extent that we often lose track of if we are the ones leading the revolution or being carried along with the current. I too have this issue and regularly have to fight to ensue I am at least leading my own life and, hopefully, motivate others to do the same. Part of where I get my motivation is through reading Seth Godin’s blog every morning, first thing after I wake up. 

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see something about failure and a challenge. I highly suggest you check out Seth’s Blog and the challenge that I very much plan to participate it. If you are not a follower of Seth Godin, I highly suggest you start — he is one man who will truly get you to start leading.

Part of the hardest part of leading, changing yourself and others, is putting yourself out there. Sharing your insights, opinions and ideas can be very scary, but if you are ever going to make a difference it is one of the most important things you must do. 

This is something I am learning, and struggle with regularly. But what fun would life be if everything was easy, if we had no struggles or challenges, no room to learn and grow, no downs to make us appreciate our ups? 

I ask you to challenge yourself, write, share, learn and grow with me and a whole community of other people next week as we take a journey to ship (as Seth says). And if we fail, as least we will fail together!

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