Time Management Coaching From Jess Nowell

As you have probably guessed a big part of organizing also involves time management, in fact one of the best benefits of great organizing is that it frees up time – so in essence organizing and time management go hand in hand.

So What Exactly Is Time Management?

Time management is the process of organizing your time, in so doing your goal would be to focus on important tasks and then schedule less important tasks.

There is a process involved in planning and taking control of time spent on tasks and activities, good time management will enable you to spend less time on tasks, getting tasks completed in a shorter period of time, some people refer to this as working smarter not harder.

Wouldn’t you like to increase your productivity by being more efficient thus reducing stress? If you follow our time management process then you will achieve more in less time giving you more success both in work and in life.

Simple Steps To Take Control Of Your Time.

  1. Make a list of what you need to do now, it can be as long or as short as you want it to be. 
  2. Pick out the three most important tasks and put them into a diary as a job list for today. 
  3. Look again at this list of three things and select the most important ONE that needs to be completed right now. 
  4. Once that task is completed then move to the other two, again look at which is the most important. 
  5. Start task two once task one is completed, remember the human brain is not conditioned to multitask, in fact studies reveal that multitasking is not only difficult for us to achieve, but it is also damaging to our neural pathways, so focus wholly and solely on one task at a time.

Now do you want a good night’s sleep? then don’t worry about tasks that are not completed today, write them down in a desk diary or use tech if you must.

If you write your tomorrow tasks down before you go to bed or before you leave the office, then you know what you need to do tomorrow, and you will feel relaxed and less stressed.
If you did complete all three tasks, then pat yourself on the back, you have just achieved stage one of our time management process.

What about the list of tasks that I wrote down earlier? well you can look at that again tomorrow, put it to the back of your mind for now and focus on the three tasks that you have already decided are the most important.
Oh yes and if you did not finish those three tasks today, then simply carry the remaining tasks over to tomorrow in your diary, then you know what needs to be done tomorrow and you have peace of mind.

When you focus on one thing at a time then you will get each task completed in a shorter period of time, so practice it starting today, you will become far more efficient that way.

Prioritizing Tasks.

Remember the list I talked about earlier? well this is how I sort through those tasks quickly and effectively, look at each task by its importance, then it’s urgency and finally its necessity.

Example of Task Sorting (For Your Big List) – Sort By:-
  1. Urgent and Important – These are your priority list items. 
  2. Not so Urgent But Still Important – These are your “plan ahead” tasks to schedule later. 
  3. Urgent But Maybe Not So Important – you should really try to pass these tasks on to others if at all possible, delegation is best for these tasks. 
  4. Not Important And Not Really That Urgent – These tasks need to be on the list but not prioritized at all, you can come back to these next week or better still delegate them.
Where Can I Use Time Management In My Life?

Now it isn’t just work tasks or work related tasks that need to be subject to time management, your whole life can be time managed, and you will soon see that by practicing good time management you will soon be freeing up time that you never thought you had, time to spend on what you want to do – sound good?

Well the detail of managing your time is a process and this process can be learned by anyone, however in practice many people need help from a time management coach to achieve great time management in their day to day activities.

A great example of a person that manages time for other people is a personal assistant to a CEO or director of a business, the personal assistant manages the time and keeps a diary be it a physical diary or a digital one, either way the personal assistant religiously manages the time for said CEO planning and fitting in appointments, deadlines and tasks.

But this apparently simple process needs to be managed by another to ensure that the executive runs his or her work life to a set schedule. Many PA’s also manage their employers social life, reminding of anniversary’s, birthdays and other special occasions and even going out and buying gifts for the executive to give to others, why?

Simply because the PA is taking less important (but personally important) tasks away leaving the executive to achieve more by taking away those trivial tasks. You too can do similar things, maybe not in the same way but in a similar way by following a disciplined time management structure.

What Does A Time Management Coach Enable Me To Do?
  • The ability to achieve goals in less time. 
  • The ability to prioritize effectively. 
  • The ability to set objectives and prioritize in a super effective way. 
  • The ability to set realistic time limits for each task. 
  • The ability to reduce stress in you work and home life. 
  • The gift of time, you will free up more time by being more efficient with tour tasks. 
  • More opportunities simply put, you will see more opportunities with efficient time management.

There is more to time management than just this short web page, much more. What I have given you here is a solid starting point on your journey to managing your time more productively, but don’t forget to take a break, this will re-invigorate you, it is important.

  • Organize yourself and your surroundings, a tidy work space is a productive work space. 
  • Set your goals correctly, this stuff really does work, but you have to work at it too. 
  • Remove distractions when working, ah that dreaded smart phone again, people are distracted easily, according to research the human mind is distracted every three minutes, and that same research tells us that it then takes another 15 minutes to get the mind fully focused on the task in hand once again. 
  • Reduce this by turning off distractions. Social media, YouTube, your phone if you can, and do not open emails when carrying out your tasks, they can wait until later. 
  • Only attend important meetings, some businesses have meetings about having meetings, cut them down by asking what is really necessary, then ask attendees to let you know what is going to be discussed in advance (you can often provide the solution there and then) 
  • Cut down on distractions and you will remove obstacles that prevent you from achieving your tasks.

To learn more about what Time Organizing Purpose can do for you with time management, call Jess today for a Free No Obligation Consultation.