Storage closet organization

Storage closet organization seems funny to talk about as an organizer. You would think that I would have absolutely no need for a storage closet. This is not the case. Of course, my closet is small, and there is a good amount of room left in it. Plus, everything in the closet has a use or purpose. 

To me a storage closet is a closet specifically used for less used or accessed items. Also, it is often not in the main areas of the home. For example, my storage closet is located outside of my condo. 

What is in my storage closet?

  • camping gear (including coolers)
  • holiday decorations
  • closet doors that were removed, but cannot be gotten rid of because I rent
  • empty bins for personal and client moves
  • luggage
  • vision board workshop supplies
  • bed frame for the spare bedroom when my roommate leaves (I rent the room furnished, but the frame was too girly for him)
  • storing 2 items for NAPO CO
  • one shoe box of backup cords for in home electronics
  • extra paper towels
  • and currently items that normally get stored in my car, which was recently totaled and not replaced

To be honest, this area was crazy because I was in and out of it a lot lately. When my roommate told me he was buying a bed frame I knew I needed to create some space and order in that closet. 

Because the closet is so small and I’m familiar with everything in it, I did the thing most people see as crazy. I took EVERYTHING out of the closet. Luckily, I have nice neighbors. Or more specifically neighbors I hardly ever see. So my making a huge mess of our shared hallway caused no major issues. 

In 1.5 hours, I removed everything from the closet, and resorted it according to how often I need to access it. The items I need the most are the coolers and the vision board workshop supplies. I reserved spots closest to the doors for these things and everything else was stacked accordingly. Everything else is used much less frequently. Although, I would really like to use the camping gear more! Storage closet organization can be a fun way to remind yourself of needing to give your hobbies some more attention.

Storage Closet Organization for Large Closets

If you have a bigger closet, or are not sure of what is in boxes, I encourage you to start small. Perhaps one box at a time. Do not frustrate or overwhelm yourself so badly that everything just gets thrown back in there and never touched again. Go one box at a time and make sure it has all items of the same category. Label your boxes. Get rid of anything that is broken, ugly, that you hate, etc. Go back later and consolidate and sort like with like within the closet. 

The most important part to remember about starting any project is to know yourself. How quickly you sort through things, how quickly you can make a decision, how many breaks you need, how long you can work for, how easily distracted you are, etc. These help you be realistic about the amount of time it’ll take you to get through a project.

Additionally, give yourself a range versus stating a singular amount of hours. For example: this closet will take me 2 – 4 hours, instead 2.5 hours. When you plan for the longer amount of time and complete by the lower end of time it feels great!


Only store things you already use or that have a purpose within a specified and reasonable time frame. Please do not store things because you may need it one day, especially if that one day has not already happened in the last 5+ years of you storing said item. 

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