Do you start your day right?

Sometimes we get to the end of our day and feel like we have gotten run over by a truck. Nothing seems to have gotten done, no one is really happy, and it is almost like you are lost as to how you got here, where you are, or who was involved. I encourage you to consider how it all started. Did you start your day right?

How many of us start checking emails, phone messages, and social media before we even leave our beds? How often do you jump out of bed and start going without a moment to breathe, plan or reflect? How frequently are you reacting to other peoples’ needs, wants and demands?

This my friends is NO WAY to start your day!

Here are some of my biggest tips to start your day off in a more planned, productive, and pleasant way:

  1. Hold off on the email, social media, phone messages etc!
    1. By starting your day off with these things you immediately put yourself in reactionary mode. Instead of putting yourself and your own business needs first you are answering to everyone else’s needs first. If you do not put yourself first, how do you expect anyone else to? 
    2. Set some boundaries. It is totally ok to set up an autoresponder letting people know when you will be getting back to them. You do not need to be a slave to your email or to anyone else. Tim Ferris talks about this in the 4-Hour Work Week.
  2. Wake up earlier.
    1. Even if it is just 15 minutes. Try to carve out some time for you to spend on you, in peace, without anyone else bothering you. When you have time to slow down and breathe into your morning you can think more clearly and not feel rushed, which lowers your stress levels and creates space to enjoy your day.
  3. Set your goals and priorities.
    1. You can even do this the night before or first thing in the morning. Pick your 1-3 most important (not necessarily urgent!) things that need to be accomplished today. No more than 3! That is your to do list. Anything you get done above and beyond those three things awesome! Be sure the three things are tasks and not a whole project. You can get more information about that in this blog post.  
  4. Spend some time on you personally.
    1. Most of the time we go through the day and never spend any time on ourselves. We hardly get in any development and we do not get to do many of the things we absolutely love and enjoy. However, if you make some time for them first thing in the morning, imagine what a better mood you would be in to start and get you through the rest of your day! We highly encourage you to check out the Miracle Morning – even if you do not have much time you can still make it work. I always write in my gratitude journal firs thing in the morning.
    2. If you love to draw and never find time to do it – give yourself 20 minutes in the morning. Want to exercise, but always find an excuse not to? Start with some push ups, jumping jacks, a walk or sit ups in the morning. Is reading your passion, listen to a book on tape while you are getting ready if you are pressed for time and cannot cozy up in a nice chair for 15 minutes. Or try meditation!
  5. Eat breakfast.
    1. This one is something we have probably heard all of our lives, but think about your car, it cannot run without gas, and we are no different. When we fuel up for a long day we will make it longer and in a much better mood if we have a breakfast and pack some healthy snacks to keep us going through the day.

Some of these may seem simple, and some may sound silly to you, but what harm will it do if you give them a chance. If you start putting yourself first, making your needs and wants a priority to start off your day, I am willing to bet you will start seeing all sorts of things changes in your life too!

We would love to hear about the changes you are making and how it is having an effect in the rest of your life. Please comment below and let us know how it is working for you. Please feel free to share this if you know someone who needs to making some positive changes to how they start their day!

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