Spring Cleaning For More Than the Home

When we hear spring cleaning, most of us groan a little at the thought of deep cleaning everything in our home. I encourage you to look a little deeper at what Spring Cleaning can actually help you accomplish. 

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

  1. More space, clear surfaces, less stuff 
  2. Save time from having to look for things or go shopping to buy things you cannot find
  3. Find money – we often find money when going through our stuff and you don’t have to buy things you already have
  4. Create a clean home, free of dust, expired food, chemicals, medicines, etc 
  5. Connect to yourse

The top things to consider when getting ready to start your spring cleaning…

  1. What do you want the next season to bring?
  2. What is already in place to make those things happen versus what needs to be established?
  3. Who in your life is capable and available to assist in this happening?
  4. What are some steps we take to get from point A to point B?

How does where we want to go relate to spring cleaning?

  1. The things in life holding us back from where we want to go often manifest themselves into our physical lives.
  2. When we clear things from our space we need to determine what they might be connected to on a deeper level so we can deal with the full issue instead of just the “surface level” or allowing ourselves to fall back into the cycle.
  3. Seeing where we have come from can help us determine where we want to go.

What to do…

As you go through each area of your home, take inventory of all of the things that do not belong there, do not have a home, are trash, and things that are difficult to make a decision about one way or another. 

For the items that do not “belong” in that space consider where it’s actual home is. Does it lend to easy use or access? If you only use the iron in the kitchen and keep it in the upstairs laundry room, perhaps it is time to find a new home for it. Make sure the designated home of your items is conducive to easy access and use whenever possible to ensure it is easiest to make its way back to its home. 

If you find a lot of trash, what type of trash is it? Why do you think it was kept or stored? A lot of people end up piling up their mail, most of which could immediately go in the trash, simply because they avoid the mail for any variety of reasons (excuses).

Items that do not have homes anywhere in the home are sometimes some of the most difficult items to deal with, but have no fear. First be sure to determine if it is actually something that brings you joy, enriches your life, or has relevant and timely purpose in your home. If it passes that test then figure out where it will most often be used. Generally, you want to keep like with like and keep things where they will be used. 

Finally, for those things that are difficult to make a decision on, these are the things you should spend some time with. What are their similarities? What do you feel as you are trying to make a decision? What other decisions does this remind you of? If you think back what does each item remind you of? Can you connect them, even loosely, to another time frame or area of your life?

Spring cleaning is so much more than just making your home look good. It is about making your home feel good and making you feel lighter in the process. If you want some ideas on where to start your spring cleaning, how to go about the organization process, or how getting organized works inside and out please reach out to us or leave a comment below.


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