Quit Responding

Do you ever feel like your life is out of control? You just cannot grasp ahold of anyone or anything to reign yourself back in. Constantly on the go, have no idea where anything, and always in response mode?

This type of life… the always putting out fires, letting other people’s needs dictate your schedule, and generally always being reactionary is stressful, consuming, and overall pretty unproductive.

Start taking back your life today by minimizing your reactions.

Here are some of my most favorite tips on how to take back your life, and start being proactive instead of reactive! (Stay tuned for detail posts in regards to all of these!)

  1. Know your values
  2. Establish your priorities
  3. Set Goals
  4. Accept responsibility (have versus be)
  5. Batch your time (STOP multitasking)

Many of these ideals (especially values, goals, and priorities) you have probably seen me talk about in the past. If you really want to learn a lot regarding this principle, I encourage you to check out 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. But here is my two sense on how these 5 things will make big changes in your life. 

Far too often we do not even realize we are being reactive to our lives. We end up so in the day-to-day that life flashes by and we are just along for the ride. I challenge all of your to take control of your plane, train, or automobile and start steering your life from the driver’s seat.

  • Values – these are your guiding principles. When you know and live your values things become much easier. You decisions become quicker because things are either in alignment or not with your values and how you want to live and portray your life. When you are secure in what your values are it is much easier to set your priorities, goals, and know where to steer yourself.
    • When those reactive type of situations come up remember to ask yourself — Does handling this situation fall in alignment with my values?  If not polite decline, hand it off, or ignore it (if possible).
  • Priorities – Once you have your values set you can know what is most important to you and work to build your life around them. This helps you divvy up your time, money, energy, and other resources to the things, places, and people who matter most in your world. 
    • If you feel caught in a pickle of putting out fires and what you were currently working on — if it is not an actual fire — ask yourself how it falls in line with your established priority list.
  • Goals – I love quoting Yogi Berra when talking about goals – “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up somewhere else.” When we have out goals regularly at the front of our mind, and they are a priority set with our values in mind we have a clear and concise path to follow, and distraction should be lessened when we are in this zone.
    • We just need to remember to ask ourselves, is this going to help me achieve the goals I have set? Or if it does not support my goals is it in alignment with my values
  • Responsibility – As a culture, we tend to blame others for what is happening to us. The reality is the universe is a bunch of energy, and we attract the things we give energy to, so ultimately we are responsible for everything happening in ourselves. Which is a wonderful fact because that means we can change it!! 
    • Whenever something is happening to us, instead of blaming – the kids are always creating more work for me, take charge of the situation by changing it to I can teach the kids how to be better helpers around the house and in life. 
  • Batching – Time batching is a tool that can change your life. It allows you to find focus, discipline, and productivity throughout your life and day. All sorts of things can be batched from your housework, projects, entertainment, phone calls, email, etc. When we establish routines around how, when and why we do things we begin to take back the control. 
    • If we get an interruption during a time batch, it is vital to ask if if is related to what we are currently focused on and if not can whatever it is wait till our time block is over.


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