Organizing Is A Way Of Life

Organizing Is Not a Moment, but A Way of Life.

Thank my lucky stars, this world has brought some outstanding people, and women especially into my life. Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with two amazing women who are both on the path of making positive changes in their own lives and everyone they touch.

After one of them patiently listened to me passionately yap on about what I think organizing should be about, she knocked me on the floor with her statement. “Organizing is not just a moment, its a way of life.”

OMG! Someone gets it! I highly encourage anyone looking to get organized to do it with someone that can help make organizing work for you. Getting your home, office, … life, in order is never about what works for someone else, or even just the simple task of finding things a home.

Organization is about setting up systems that you can work with daily to maintain all of the hard work you put into getting to that point.

Life is about systems and processes and the beauty of organization is it thrives on these. Everything from our wake up routines and personal health and hygiene habits to paper filing and home entry can be systematize, sometime automated, and always organized.

The most important thing to remember, though, is that what works for one person is not necessarily going to work for you. It is very much like diets in that regard.

There are so many options, ideas, trials out there that you could try… but if you do not consider yourself in the process, diet, change… there is a good chance it is not going to stick… and you will end up right back where you started in the end.

YOU are the most important part of getting organized. When we realize this, understand what is and is not important to us, and what we are capable of the amount of positive change that can take place is immense!

So stop for a second, find a peaceful place and start asking yourself some difficult, thought provoking questions:

Organizing Is Not a Moment, but A Way of Life

What are my core values?

What do I really want in life?

What will my life look like if I do or do not change?

When you are ready, great things will happen!

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