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Often office based people spend a lot of time searching for documents, files on their computer and every day office items.

I hear all too frequently from people who work from a home office who are forever missing appointments, forgetting where to find important information and files, and who are surrounded by alarms and alerts from their CRM systems.

At this point stress builds up and these are the signs that you need a great office organizer fast!

Our office organizing service is designed for home offices, business offices and even corporate offices.

Let us take the strain for you and organize your office in every way so that you save time and get more tasks completed in a shorter period of time. As they say "Time Is Money" isn't it about time that you got yourself a professional office organizer so you can start finding more time and increased productivity?

Then Imagine using your new found time and energy to have fun with your family, instead of being surrounded by clutter and disorganization. TOP Organizing can do all of this and more.

An organized office is essential for productivity and efficiency.

Do you find yourself searching through a disorganized mass of documents? If you answered yes then you need the services of a professional office organizer.

Not only will your office be a happier and more productive work space, you will gain additional time because you are no longer searching for office items and paperwork.

At TOP Organizing Colorado we not only organize your files and work space, we can also organize your computer files giving you access to your work quickly and logically.

We will tailor a plan that will help your workplace to function more efficiently giving you improved time management and a better work life balance.

First impressions are lasting impressions, so if you meet with clients existing or potential at your office, then an organized office is essential.

Office Organization Is An Essential Factor Of Client Based Businesses

With an organized, orderly office, your efficiency will not only impress clients. It will also:

  • Save Time, Money and Resources
  • Increase Productivity
  • Make Your Work space a More Pleasant Place To Work
  • Free Up Time To Focus On Growing Your Business
  • Eliminate Disorder and Chaos Moments With Client Deadlines
Top Organizing Colorado Makes Office Organizing Simple, The Way It Should Be!

After a TOP Organizing office organization project, you and your team will be able to quickly locate files, documents, emails, or supplies in seconds.
TOP Organizing will give you more control of your office's day to day work-load and will enable to react more quickly to any unexpected client demands.

Organizing Your Office Space Creates A Happier Workplace For All.

Let's face it, you spend a large part of your life in your office, a well organized office will allow you and your team to work faster and work smarter, so you can look forward to a more relaxed atmosphere, a happier team and increased productivity. This usually also results in increased profits too!

Plus you will also benefit from a better work life balance, allowing you as a business owner to focus more on your family and social life outside of the workplace.

Our office organizer projects provide a professional office organizing expert who will work with you to tailor your office space to arrive at a customized office environment that most only dream of, an organized office that motivates you and your team, and inspires you to your best most productive self.

Let TOP Organizing Colorado organize your office today so that you will start working faster and more productively tomorrow.

Professional Office Organizer Denver Colorado
TOP Organizing Office Organization Services Include:
  • Digital file and document organization
  • Email organization
  • Office, desk, supplies, and paper file organization
  • Office paper management
  • Time and task management
  • Custom organization and management systems

But most of all the above is not all we do because we will provide a customized office organizing plan to suit your individual business from the ground up.

TOP Organizing Colorado


Chaos and clutter can become major time sucks in our work environment.

Constantly looking for things that are not where we left them, shifting piles of paperwork from one surface to another, regularly having to schedule meetings and get-togethers outside of the office because of lack of space or comfort.

With simple, and often times, small adjustments to how we operate in our office space, it is possible to regain hours back of our lives to enjoy with our family or building your business.

Organizer Colorado Order To Clutter


Disorganization in your office and life can cause imbalance and negativity.

When things do not have a place and we let them build up and take over our office space, we begin to lose focus, command and stability.

The ability to identify the problem and seek help can be very empowering.

Through creating an organized office space and recognizing our emotional connections, we can find peace and order across many areas of our lives, not just our offices.

Professional Organizer Colorado Purpose


When disorganization begins to take over our office spaces it can cause great amounts of distraction and stress.

The jobs and client deadlines seem to take on a life of their own and we lose focus of the fact that we are in charge.

Regain authority over your office and systems by giving purpose to your work life and office spaces and eliminating poor productivity.

TOP Organizing Colorado Can Also Provide The Following Follow Up Services.
  • Weekly or monthly paperwork assistance
  • Further ongoing organization on a weekly basis
  • Filing and office supplies management
  • Moving and relocation organization
  • De-cluttering of not just your office space but utility spaces too.
  • Organizing individual desks (Desk Organization)

Many TOP Organizing clients have commented on how pleasant and approachable our office organizing team are, we make your job easier and we are also great fun to have around.

Home Office Organizer for Denver Colorado
Office Organizing Process - How It Works.

During your initial meeting you will meet with Jess Nowell the owner of TOP Organizing. Jess will ask detailed questions to better understand your businesses needs enabling her to get to know your work environment and general work schedule.

Jess will then work with you to format a process and match you with a TOP Organizing team member who has the appropriate skills and experience to best meet your needs.

Then the organizing will commence, the usual first steps are organizing and sorting your paperwork systems prioritizing along the way, this highlights things that need to be acted upon quickly and things that need to be filed in your new organized filing system.

We will also identify documents that could be shredded but only after your say so, putting in place systems that will organize your paperwork for good.

Organizing Digital Files and Folders.

Many business we come across also need help with digital file organizing and management, we are very efficient at organizing your desktop machines and backups along with cloud storage.

Nothing is written in tablets of stone, you will find that TOP Organizing Colorado will always keep you up to date on progress, we will address and confirm any new tasks required, and if you are as impressed as we know you will be we can produce a process for regular organization maintenance.

Office Organization Will Bring Many Benefits So Why Not Start Today.

There are no limits to our comprehensive office organization systems and processes. No task is too small or too big for TOP Organizing. From simple paperwork organization to a complete new organization system, your productivity and satisfaction are our pro organizers’ principal concerns.

A FREE 30 minute phone consultation could make a huge difference to your business productivity.   Call now at 203-915-0474 Jess organizes and I promise she doesn't bite!

Professional Organizer TOP organizing Colorado

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