Do you know anyone that is caught up in their past? In all of the memories that their things hold, in the feelings of years long gone, in relationships ended ages ago?

Nostalgia can be a wonderful feeling, but it can also be detrimental for people who cannot let go of that time, person, or event. When we hold on to things from our past it can be very difficult to live to our fullest potential in our present and future lives. Are you feeling a little stuck? Have the memories of your past put up a big road block, feel like a tough mudder at 12000 ft, or have your chained up in a dungeon?

How do we deal with the nostalgia and still hold on to our past, without it taking a hold and control of us? Here are 3 ways you can utilize to start letting go of your material things that may be trapping you in your past.

While all of these suggestions entail letting go of the physical item, there are great ways to preserve them memory held within them.

    1. For items that are simply taking up precious space, that serve no true purpose, except to preserve a memory, this is a great way to let go, while keeping the important part — the memory! Create  a memory book — find a fancy journal or wonderful binder and write or type out your story connected to this physical thing holding onto your memory. This is particularly powerful for those items that were family members that you maybe don’t like or use, but are having a hard time letting go because that would mean letting go of the person. Remember: We NEVER have to let go of our memories — especially if we preserve them in a story. 
    1. When we look over our items often numerous items attach to the same or similar memories. When this happens and we are trying to save space we have a couple options. 
      1. Take pictures of the items you want to remember, but do not have room for.
      2. Keep just one of the items that reminder us of that person, place, or time.
      3. Create a collage, shadow box, or some other artisti display of these fabulous memories. You can cut the wording off of a t-shirt, but it in a shadow box frame with the key chain, picture, and concert stub that you have from your first summer away from home with your first true love. Find ways to collect a few memories together and create a wonderful artistic piece that fills you with joy, passion and the warm and fuzzies about the time, person, or place you cherish so much. In my opinion these pieces make the best art to display around your home – each one is truly a conversation piece worth having over and over — and the memory truly stays alive because you get to talk about versus something hiding in a drawer somewhere.
    1. Sometimes the best way to let go of something is to recognize how little it is doing for us or that we are doing for it. Each and everything on this earth is made of energy. If we constantly ignore the fact that our items should be cherished and given attention to the items begin to fade and lose their value to use. A memory is no reason to hold onto something we do not love, enjoy, and make use of. There are so many people out there who would be giddy with gratitude to have that sweater, desk, dish set, etc. Brighten someone’s day and give your beloved and forgotten treasures a new life.

Please do not take this as you have to get rid of everything, far from it. If you are looking for ways to reclaim your space these are some powerful ways to release the physical items taking up space in your life and home, while maintaining the important memories that came with them. 

If you need specific suggestions for any of your items please reach out to us we are happy to help you figure out how to repurpose items too! We would love to hear your stories of letting go, or transformation. 


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