National Clean Off Your Desk Day

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Do you have a messy desk? Are you regularly shuffling papers trying to find something you know you just put down a few seconds ago? Is it so bad you cannot see your keyboard or mouse?

Here are some tips to help you get on track, clear the clutter, and make your desk work for you:

library             1) ARTICLES I HAVE BEEN MEANING TO READ:

  • Throw away those articles that have been piling up on your desk for months. If you have not read them yet, it is very doubtful you will get to them.
  • If you are too hesitant to throw them away, try either scanning them to make them digital or finding a digital copy and bringing the paper copies to the library.
  • If you have a regular reading spot – comfy chair, the throne, whatever – relocate them to that area.

IMG_0927               2) OFFICE SUPPLIES

  • Do you have 500 thumbtacks and no cork board? 100 paperclips, but you always staple? Understand your daily use of your office supplies – anything that is not used daily, get it off the top of your desk. 
  • Purchase desk organizers (one for the top and one for the drawer) – You can always store extra paper clips, tacks, staples, pens, etc in a closet if you do not have room on/in your desk. Just make sure they are all together so you can monitor how much you have an purchase more before you run out and NOT buy when you already have it.
  • Install a magnetic white board or cork board for a more visual representation of the things that are high priority for you.
  • Wall organizers are great, too! Especially if you have a small desk – use it for everything from paper to your stapler and even pens and markers.

IMG_6006                3) TO DO STACKS

  • Try a three tier paper sorting “today, tomorrow, to file” 
  • Write down your top three priorities at the start of each day on a white board or on paper and pin it up where you can see it. 
  • Get an accordion file holder – label it with each day of the week – Each morning you pull out the items in that days file and do what you must with them. If they need to go back in the file holder be sure to write a note of what was accomplished and what you are still waiting on.

7K0A0674                  4)  PERSONAL AFFECTS

  • I am all about personality and feel it is very important in our work space, but be sure to be selective about what you use up your prime real estate with. If you are constantly knocking down your Star Wars Bobblehead collection when you open your laptop perhaps its time to find a new place.
  • Try to keep it to one frame and and additional personality piece on the desk. If you have room in your drawers for an extra toy, trick, or treat by all means, but the top of your desk should be free flowing. Try hanging extra pictures on the walls.

IMG_0899                 5) ELECTRONICS

  • These days we are inundated with the number of electronics in our offices: scanners, printers, cell phones, calculators that need to be plugged in, laminators, etc. Anything that you do not need everyday try to find a place a little farther away – you may enjoy the excuse to stretch.
  • Be sure to try to hide or at least control those pesky cords. You can use little hooks and a basket to hold power strips off the ground and just under your desk top. They make wire mold specifically to help you run wires along walls without the unsightly mess they create.

Just a few tips and tricks to hopefully help you embrace Clean Off Your Desk Day. Remember, there are always exceptions to the rules. Ultimately, you need to do what makes you happy and what works. Be sure to give me a call if the idea of this overwhelms you. I would love to help! 203-915-0474

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