Where do you land?

Often times when we walk into the house its in a hurry to get in, get back out, or simply let go of the outside world: we have were doing the pee-pee dance in traffic for the last 30 minutes, dropping off/picking up kids, missing items, etc, or haven’t been home for the last 12, 14, 24 hours.

This hustle and bustle can often times create additional, unnecessary chaos, clutter, and ultimately work!

Help save yourself from extra clean up time, the hassle of looking for your everyday items and make coming and going from your house flow much more smoothly.

If you can put even a few of these tips into place and utilize them regularly I am almost willing to guarantee you will find some added peace in your life.

  1. Have a place for your keys.
    • Whether it is a bowl , hook, cubby, whatever. When you put your keys in the same place every time, it becomes a reflex. Very rarely will you ever find yourself looking for your keys again.
  2. Keep your shoes paired up near the door.
    • Most of the time you are not going to wear your shoes in the house anyway. If they are all right there as you come and go you can save you lots of time — no searching, no scrubbing carpets, etc.
    • Obviously, this will work best if you keep them paired – get little cubbies or over the door shoe rack for a nearby closet, there are plenty of options to make your space work. Basket for sneakers, dress shoes, etc.
  3. Hang your jackets.
    • Unless you literally wear the same exact jacket every day, avoid hanging it on a chair in another room. Kind of like the shoes you generally only need them if you are on your way out, so why not keep it all nice and close to where you leave? 
    • It is way to easy to end up with 5 coats hanging on the couch or kitchen chairs, and when things start to build up like that it makes it “harder” for us to put them away.
    • Hooks on the wall behind the door are a great substitute for a closet. 
  4. Tables are great!
    • I’m a huge fan of tables near the entrance. This is a great place to toss a purse, wallet, the mail.
    • I highly suggest putting a garbage or recycling bin near the door you enter most, if possible, to help with the mail sorting immediately so it does pile up. 
  5. Information Center
    • If you have a lot of people to schedule for this is a great place for a 1st or secondary information center.
      • Have a space for coupons (both for the grocery store and delivery services)
      • Have a note board – “Mom will not be home till 10pm – dinner is in the crockpot”
      • Have cubbies or “mailboxes” for each person
        • School reports and homework, little love notes, lunch boxes, glasses


Sometimes unloading when we walk through the door to get home is one of the best feelings. However, if there is no rhyme or reason to how you unload you are likely to regret it later on because you created a good 10 minute clean up for yourself. If you can implement a pattern and set up some areas to help you better move through your enter and exit motions its sure to make your days start and finish a little easier.

Good luck and please contact me if you have any questions on how to implement any of these ideas – jessica@toporganizing.com

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