How Organized Are You

How Organized Are You Really?

This quick “yes” or “no” quiz will help you get a better understanding of how organization plays into your life and some areas for improvement.

Do you know how long it takes you to get up and out the door each morning?
Have you arrived on time and in the right location for all of your appointments in the last month?
Do you get to have time to do something you enjoy for yourself every day?
Do you use a list when you go grocery shopping?
Can you tell a guest in your home where to find the things they would need to stay for a week in your home without you?
Are all surfaces of your house free of piles, stuff that isn’t currently being used, debris, and other clutter?
Have your bills and credit cards been paid on time for the last six months?
Do you know how much money you have in your wallet and bank accounts?
Do the people in your home help with cleaning and maintenance (dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc)?
Do you have goals set for yourself and household?

Bonus Question: Do you feel organized?

IMG_6010 VS IMG_6024

SCORE: 10 points for each question “yes” you marked, 5 points for the Bonus.

90 points of higher: Congrats!! You have your ducks in a line. You have a fabulous handle on organization and how it plays a positive role in maintaining an effective and efficient lifestyle.

70-89 points: Looking good. You are well on your way to having it all figured out. Things are together and even better, you’re human and you are probably living a full, well-rounded and fun life. Keep it up!

50-69 points: You have some combination of good ideas or implementation around organizing. You could probably use a little assistance in ironing out some of the finer details of setting up your systems and procedures or putting them into play.

10-49 points: Keep your head up. Life may be a little daunting for you right now, but know that there is hope! With a little knowledge, willingness to work, and a few adjustments here and there we can get you on the path toward a organized, effective and efficient lifestyle!

If you would like assistance if discovering better ways to organize please contact Jessica- or 203-915-0474 to learn more about our educational program, comprehensive action plans, and one on one organizing help. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in working toward a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Rates and Packages and Packages

Are TOP’s Transform Living Consistently Program for you?

Are you stuck in a never ending cycle of working hard to get organized only for your chaos to come crashing down around you a few months later?
Is regularly nagging your family for help hurting your relationships?
Does constantly looking for “stuff” limit your time with your family or yourself?
Does the clutter and chaos in your home cost you time and money?
Are you embarrassed by the state of your home?

Transform Living Consistently Program provides:


Prioritization tools
highlight each person’s best commitments and activities to focus on.

Scheduling methods
create time to do things together & discover your dreams & greater purpose.


Step-by-step action plan
uses your family’s visions & goals to create time, order & purpose in your home & lives.

Organization processes & cleaning systems
save time, money & frustration caused by “lost” items.

Purging opportunity
clears out the clutter, provides earning potential & the ability to help a good cause.


Shared standards and goals
assist your family to spending more time together & unite everyone around a shared purpose.

Positive communication techniques
help you to never have to nag again!

Strong familial bonds
promote time together, co-created order & discovery of ultimate purpose.

Confidence and pride
make it a joy to share your home with friends and family.
Transform Living Consistently

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You also get:

Weekly feedback surveys to let me know if you are missing anything, what else you want to see, etc.
Complimentary email access during business hours.
A certificate of completion at the end.

Programs starting regularly! Contact us for more details.
Want to enroll but still have Questions?

Schedule a Call with Jess – 203-915-0474

TOP Life Organizing 1:1

Interested in working 1:1 with Jess to get immediate results in your organization systems or getting help with pre- and post-moving.

If you are ready to jump in head first to make major changes in your home or office for fast and visible results give Jessica a call today. I need to have a phone call with you to make sure working with me 1:1 is a good fit for you and your needs.

All 1:1 organizing starts with a Needs Assessment. This assessment takes place in your home. We ask a lot of questions and take some pictures while on a tour of the home. We take 7-10 days after we meet with you to provide you with a comprehensive report of what we think is going on in the home, positives, and areas of improvement. Additionally, you will receive an in depth action plan that you can chose to work on by yourself or hire us on to assist you with the projects.