Holiday Season Transition

Organizing For The Holiday Season.

Organizing For The Holiday Season

With Holiday Season in full being, many of us will be swapping out or bringing in new decorations for the inside and outside of our homes. This can be a very fun time of year with traditions focused around certain decor pieces or just the act of decorating.

I hope some of these tips will ensure it stays fun, instead of frustrating and stressful.

If you have a wide variety of decorating that you do at the same time every year try some of these little tidbits to help keep your decorations more organized and easier to both find and then put away.

  • Centralize: If at all possible try to have ONE area where you keep all of your holiday and seasonal decorations. (Basement, attic, large closet in the guest bedroom, etc). Keep the same season or holiday all together within that area, too. 
  • Clarity: Clear plastic bins and containers are great for packing away these items. Smaller ones you can generally find super cheap at the dollar store, and throughout the year you can find good deals if you keep a look out at bigger stores like Target, Home Depot and even the Container Store. I would still suggest labeling what is in here, even if you think you can see it all. 
  • Packing Options: If clear plastics bins are just not in the budget, see if you can get a variety of clean, sturdy cardboard boxes from local stores — they are usually pretty willing to give them away. Make sure you can securely close them. I like to label with a 8.5×11 sheet of paper so it stands out. 
  • Breakables: Try to keep the packaging for breakable items. It may take up a little more room, but when you don’t have to throw it away next year or sit with the hot glue gun (if you are stubborn — and let’s be honest — cheap, like me) it makes a world of difference. 
  • Repurpose: If you do not have the original boxes and wrapping, utilize old sheets, towels, shirts, etc. That old holy t-shirt actually makes great packing material, adding cushion, keeping things clean (no newspaper yuck), and an awesome re purpose.

Now the bigger scheme ideas:

  • Divide and Conquer: Make a holiday or season box for each room that you decorate in. (It can have multiple smaller boxes inside)
  • Make sure you label Everything! Or at least keep a tally somewhere that is easily accessible and in a safe, memorable place of what is in each box (including boxes within boxes) — I know now I am just getting silly! 
  • Example:
  • Main Box Label — Thanksgiving – Dining Room
  • Sub-box 1: Place mats & Candles (Thanksgiving – Dining Room)
  • Sub – box 2: Center Piece (Thanksgiving – Dining Room)
  • Sub-box 3: Cloth Napkins & Napkin Rings (Thanksgiving – Dining Room) 

    If you want to get really fancy color code by season or holiday! Hehe – I love this stuff!

  • In Use: While you have the decorations out you can either find a hiding space for the boxes you are currently using in the same room as they are being used — if you have the space this can be very convenient and generally allows you to make the removal process a bit quicker (and more likely to happen sooner)Otherwise make sure you put all of the boxes from each room into their coordinating box and put them back together in the Designated Decoration Area. 
  • Labels: You might want to roll your eyes at me on this one, but I highly suggest labeling the areas for each season or holiday in your Designated Decoration Area… Halloween always goes in the same place, Fall, Valentines Day, etc.I do this so no one can get out of helping by saying they do not know where things are. You can easily say go get the two Halloween boxes out of the Garage, they are labeled with Halloween above the sticker that says Halloween on the shelf. 
  • Inventory: Post Holiday Inventory has been crucial for me. Like most people, I am a sucker for a good post season bargain. However, this has come back to haunt me at least a few times… over purchasing, getting something I end up never using… or even worse already have. That inventory checklist will let you know broken items, items passed down or handed off to family, great new additions, etc all while making sure they get in their right box and you still have room… and a purpose for each purchase.

Hope my ideas are not too much to fathom – if you think this is just way over your head, leave me a comment and I will be happy to give further details about any step. Try to remember, that in most cases once you take the time to do something like this, you usually just have to maintain, NO major work processes after the initial effort.

Best of luck and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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