Gratitude Journal – Change your life today

Have you ever needed, wanted, a huge change to happen in your life? Did you ever feel like you were on the brink of something bigger and needed a little push over the edge? Well I may have a way! The gratitude journal is a place for just that – everything you are grateful for. If you can make this seemingly simple book a daily habit for you, there is no doubt in my mind that it will change your life. 

I encourage everyone I know to do their gratitude journal in the morning. Think about it… starting your day off in the most positive, thankful frame of mind you could be in sounds awesome to me! And more than sounds, it feels amazing! I am working to start every morning with a Miracle Morning approach. I have 3 of the 6 parts down really well, the other three I am working on adding them in one at a time. One of the ones I am really great at is the scribbing. Each morning I fill one side of a page in my journal with things I am grateful for the other side of the page I write down my goals as if I am already accomplishing them.

Forbes magazine has an awesome article on the benefits of gratitude. If you are looking to better yourself on any level or playing field, gratitude is a wonderful place to start. 

small journal

OK, this sounds cool, but what do I do??

  1. Find a visually appealing journal. I suggest something nicer than a spiral notebook, although it when you look at it, it brings you joy, that could work too. 
    1. You can find them on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, probably even a nice composition book at the dollar store.
  2. Get some fancy pens – bright color ink, smooth writing, or whatever feels good to you.
  3. Find a special place on your night stand or very near to your bed to create a home for your gratitude journal.
  4. Set some standards for yourself around your gratitude – how many things you will write down each day? Will you have different areas that you express your gratitude in – like who you are grateful for? 
  5. Pick a time that you want to journal – first thing in the morning or last thing before bed — and be consistent with it.  

Be easy on yourself at first, decide to state 3 things that you are grateful for to start. Keep it small and simple so that you can be sure to do it every day. Once you have been consistent with writing in your journal then you bump it up. 

I hope you will share some of your gratitude journal with us. And please come back and let us know when you start to see the difference gratitude is having in your life. Have a fantastic week!


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