Focus is a funny thing isn’t it?

Sometimes we have no problem being tuned into something for hours… like facebook, which can be immediately gratifying and entertaining, but often leaves us feeling empty and wasteful at the end. However, when we need to turn our focus to something that will ultimately be helpful and productive in the end we are scattered brained mostly due to the idea of work. 

So when you need to focus on something that does not bring you immediate satisfaction or results what are you supposed to do to stay on task?

Here are my favorite ways to stay focused on the task at hand:

  1. Set short time limits to work — If I focus for 30 minutes, I can take a 5 minute break. For this I always use a timer for both the work part and the break part. 
  2. Add something fun into the task you are working on – so if you are cleaning and you love music — turn on your favorite station and crank it up! If you are mind mapping for your business ideas and love to draw, make it a pretty mind map with lots of colors and cool connectors. 
  3. Set a motivating award for when you are completely finished (if its a really big project add in some smaller intermittent rewards). Have to organized the linen closet – get to go shopping for a new decor item. 
  4. Break your projects down into smaller pieces. Instead of working on your whole office, consider your book shelf, your desk, etc. Or go even further, each shelf is a project, each desk drawer, etc.

We all have a lot tugging at our attention all of the time. If we can focus in small bursts and reward ourselves at the end to ensure the motivation helps create momentum you will be unstoppable. 

GO out and be great today!

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