Fight the overwhelm

Recently, I have talked to quite a few people lately who feel completely overwhelmed by their homes and all of their stuff. 

Today, I want to give you some helpful ideas on how to start working yourself out of these problems.

  1. No Judgement 
  2. 1% Changes
  3. Miniature Projects
  4. Make it Fun

1. The most important part of making any changes is to not judge yourself harshly. When we set expectations, goals, or make promises to ourselves that are completely out of our norm we need to remember to be gentle with ourselves. Work up toward achieving what we need to and not beat ourselves up because we did not accomplish what we wanted. It is way to easy to downward spiral or never get off the couch because we did not succeed today so why are we going to even think about trying tomorrow? So be sure to celebrate your successes, no matter their size. And try to understand WHY you did not succeed, instead of just being upset or mad about it. 

2. Far too often we look at something and think we need to completely change something or the way it is done. This is completely counter-intuitive. We need to make stuff work into our lives and our current patterns. I highly suggest the 1% change. This looks a lot like making small adaptations to our everyday lives. For example, if you always lose your keys because you just drop them anywhere in the house — figure out where you put them most often. If you drop them somewhere near the front door, consider putting up a hook, or putting a special bowl at near the door to catch them. 

3. How often to we bite off more than we can chew. This happens entirely too often with trying to make changes to ourselves and our habits. We tend to try and change everything or multiple things all at once. But just like with the 1 percent changes it is so much better to start small. Consider break down your next project into small bite sized pieces. Candy example: King Sized Candy Bar = Whole Kitchen, Regular Sized Candy Bar = All the Cabinets, Fun Sized Candy Bar = One Cabinet, Bite Sized Candy “Bar” = One Shelf of One Cabinet.  How can you break down your current project into micro projects?

4. Finally, the most important thing to remember about making any change is you need to find a way to make it fun!! So whether it means putting on a fashion show as you figure out which clothes fit or don’t. Making a competition out of who can find more garbage in the garage. Or a scavenger hunt of items for donation. What is the point of  living if you are not having fun??

If you need help with specifics for your home and patterns please feel free to contact me. I would love to help you in any way I can. Please reach out to me at or 203-915-0474. 

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