I figured it out! – Daily Time Tracking Success!

As many of you have been following I am putting myself through my own time management process, and well, it is going a bit slowly because one of the most important things you need to do is track your time. I had tried multiple options for daily time tracking and came up short. Then I was gone for about 3 weeks, which always requires another week to get back into the swing of things. Alas! I believe I have figured out the way that works for me!

I have created a template for one day from 12-12 and printed it out at the beginning of the week. I labeled one sheet for each day and wrote in some of the big events I knew I would have going on each day. Then I went to bed with the next day sitting right next to my bed with a pencil.

You may not believe it, but I am on day 5 of daily time tracking. This method is working the best of anything I have tried before. Granted, I have definitely had to sit down a couple times and fill in chunks of time, but for the most part, the pencil and paper are with me and I am filling it out as I go. It is fabulous!

Benefits of daily time tracking:

  • I am already able to recognize some major time sucks, and am working toward minimizing them.
  • I am starting to carry my planner around more, and therefore, utilize it more.
  • I am planning more items ahead of time, and looking for places to fit things in.
  • I am learning how to put a better flow together for my work schedule

What else am I doing with my daily time tracking?

  • Highlighting my money making activities in green.
  • Highlighting time sucks in pink.
  • Highlighting personal care in yellow.
  • Highlighting non-income producing business activities in blue. 

You can highlight the things you care most about on your tracker too, to get a visual glimpse of how your time is divided. For instance, you can highlight the quality time spent with kids, time at work, self care, etc. This allows you a quick realization of if and where things need to change in your life. I know I can make some significant changes to my day to day life thanks to this daily time tracking. 

If you do not have an idea about the amount of time you want to be spending on the different areas of your life — work, family, spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and financial I suggest you take some time to think about that during this process. If you do not know what you want out of life, what you want your life to look like, then how can you know what needs to change to get you there?

Have you been trying to track your time? Have you found anything you like for tracking your time?

Feel free to try our Daily Time Tracker for yourself — Let us know how you like it!

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