Command Central Essentials

Often times we let life happen to us. Sometimes it is because these things happen, we get busy, family members get sick, work is too demanding, etc. Sometimes, however, it is because we do not know any better.

I am here to help you know better so you can take control of your home and life — when life allows it.

One of the most helpful things I have seen put into place for my clients and others is the Command Center. By setting up Command Central in your home you take away a lot of the excuses, a lot of the arguments, and questions. There are a lot of ways to set up a Command Center. And you should really focus in on what are you and your family’s biggest needs and areas of concern.

After working with many of families there are some pretty standard things that I find useful in a Command Center.

1) Monthly and Weekly Calendar

I truly encourage having both. And for some people even three months, depending on how active your family it. The Calendars help to ensure nothing get’s missed, especially once everyone is in the habit of checking it daily, and adding their items to it.

2) Memo board

It is vital to have a system for communicating back and forth with each other, especially is you do not get to spend more than a few fleeting moments together as a family. Sometimes it is difficult to remember everything you need/want from a person when you finally see them. I encourage this be used in conjunction with texting, especially for the teens and adults in the home. Have a double communication system can act as s built in reminder system

3) Habit Tracking

One of the most important parts of staying on task as a family is to encourage and track positive habit changes. This kind of goes hand in hand with chores, but can also be for other things. Perhaps we are trying to get kids to brush their teeth without an argument? Maybe we want to get our spouse involved with the kids’ school work? My tracking our habits, using positive reinforcement, and rewards it helps us create and maintain positive habits a little easier.

4) Food Stuff

Far too often I work with families where it is one person’s sole responsibility to do everything food related — from grocery shopping, meal planning, coupon cutting, and cooking. I highly encourage my clients to spread the wealth around this one. This is in part because I strongly encourage family meal time be sacred as often through out the week as possible. Also, when everyone is involved in the planning and creating process there is less fighting, arguments, and dissatisfaction.

For example, if each person has a night of the week where they are completely (or mostly) in charge. They have to pick what they want, make sure you have everything in the house to make it, and help prepare the meal. You can end up with the same thing over and over again on Wednesday because Big Bro only likes and knows how to make one thing. While Thursdays are always an adventure because little sister loves to get creative and try all sorts of new things.

If implementing positive habits, engaging the entire family in the maintaining and operations of the household seem like a positive to you consider creating your own Command Central! You can download a fantastic guide here.

If you want to take these positive habits and collaboration in your home and life to the next level give us a call. We have plenty of options to aid and support you in that process.


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