Brain Dumping

Have you ever been so stressed out over ALL of the things you have to do? Brain dumping is a fabulous way to get everything out. When everything is on paper the biggest benefit is that your brain is not in charge of remembering all of it any more and you can relax a little bit. 

I feel like everyone is going to have their own way to complete a brain dump so I am going to give you some suggestions from what I do and find helpful.

Write it Down

You MUST use pen and paper. There is something about actually writing that helps to flow easier, as well as, really allows your brain to let the information go. Feel free to type it up all pretty later.

Categorize by Importance

Don’t worry about being perfect, but you want to try to write down all of your MUSTS first, then move to your WANTS, and end on your MAYBES. I usually make the columns and end up bouncing back and forth. 

Separate Personal and Professional 

I try to split up my personal life from my professional life on different sheets of paper. This helps me make sure I am not doing personal stuff on professional time and visa versa.  For the items on the fence – go with your gut of where is should be.

Get Honest with Yourself

Do not avoid important tasks because they are boring, difficult, or whatever other excuse you have. The most critical items go in the musts category, and move down from there. Typically, your perhaps list should be the longest. Time is limited, make the most of it. 

Sort and Rearrange

Make adjustments moving items to different columns or higher up in the column it is. Consider eliminating some items all together or give it to someone else. If something is not serving your greater purpose or passions why are you allowing it to be a part of your life?? 

Determine Where to Start

The musts list should be minimal.  Ranking how important each item it is, when each item is due, does it align with your goals and greater purpose? Are you waiting on things from someone else to complete this item? 

Get to Work

Pick the most important or the one with the soonest deadline, whatever you think is most critical to complete. When its done you get to check it off the list and work down your list. When you get to wants you may want to do another Brain Dump and reset your priorities. 

I hope you find this helpful and can jump right in with starting your week with a brain dump and setting your priorities. This post is part of my October 2015 Newsletter, which was priority 1 on my list this week. I would love to hear what you picked and how you plan to attack your number one priority this week! Looking forward to reading some of your comments. Have a most fabulous week!

Happily at your service, 

Jessica Nowell

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