Book Organization

According to Marie Kundo, Book Organization should come next in this process. For such an avid reader (at least recently, can’t say the same for my earlier years) I have a relatively small book collection. This is mainly in part, like most of my things, to having move A LOT!!

When you move every year, you learn to let go of a lot of things. Books are generally the easiest because they are so heavy and difficult to move.

When it comes to books, just like clothing you want to take everything from its current residing place. In Marie’s eyes this awakens the energy within and allows you to better feel whether or not this book brings you joy.

For books, you really want to focus on the first of the three reasons to hold onto something. If you think about the second reason (enriches your life) I am sure you can find some excuse to make it as such. I however, would say other wise. The dust, the reminder that you have not read half of them, the pull for your time, the sinking shelves… their are a lot of reasons that minimizing your book collection is a good idea. 

What do I do if I have a LOT of books and cannot take them out all at once??

The best way to make your book organization more manageable is to split your books up by genre! Pick the ones that work for you. Pick however many categories you need to make the number of books you look at at any given time manageable. 


  • Science fiction
  • Satire
  • Drama
  • Action and Adventure
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Self help
  • Health
  • Guide
  • Travel
  • Children’s
  • Religion, Spirituality & New Age
  • Science
  • History
  • Math
  • Anthology
  • Poetry
  • Encyclopedias
  • Dictionaries
  • Comics
  • Art
  • Cookbooks
  • Diaries
  • Journals
  • Prayer books
  • Series
  • Trilogy
  • Biographies
  • Autobiographies
  • Fantasy

Book Organizing Process:

  1. Pick which category you want to sort through
  2. Collect every book that fits into this category – check ALL areas of your home, car, etc.
  3. Place them in a pile on the table or the floor
  4. Sit down and pick up each book one by one
  5. Feel if this book brings you joy
  6. If yes put it in a keep pile. If NO put in a let go of pile
    1. Consider having donate, sell, toss
  7. Once you have gone through ALL of the books in this category, see if you can adjust books so they are all stored together. 
  8. Immediately, take care of the books that need action. Put them in a box in your car to bring to a donation center, library, etc.
  9. Pick the next category and start again. 


Things to keep in mind when doing book organization:

  • Try NOT to open the books! You do not want to get sucked in
  • Know it is ok to let a book go even if you never got around to reading it
  • If you really are interested in reading it, but are serious about minimizing your collection consider making a list of books to borrow at the library one at a time (or even in audio form)
  • Keep track of the amount of time it takes you to get through a category and its rough size. If you have to do this in multiple sessions you will have a better idea of how much time to allot and what you will be able to accomplish.
  • It is best to stack your books vertically next to each other and not stacked horizontally on top of each other. 

If you have any questions on how to handle your books, what to do with them when you are done please feel free to comment below or message us privately! We are delighted to help!

Have fun!


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