Big News!

T.O.P. Organizing would like to thank our wonderful followers for being so understanding in our recent absence. We have been working tremendously hard to put together a program to help families break free from the clutter and chaos cycle. 

Do you know of any families who have tried over and over again to get organized… but the fixes never stick and they end up being overwhelmed by the clutter, frustrated thanks to constantly nagging their family for help, and embarrassed by the state of their home? They would probably be a great fit to check out the program.

To help you better understand who I can make the greatest difference for

My ideal participants are:7K0A0246

  • Families with school aged children – open to all types of families
  • Completely overwhelmed with the clutter and chaos in their home and life
  • Sick of wasting time and money constantly looking for and rebuying “stuff” that is lost in the home “somewhere”
  • Having relationship problems within their family because of constant nagging for help around the house
  • Have tried to get organized before and are wanting to make a lasting change to their home and lifestyle

What Will Be Taught in this Program: (learn more here)7K0A0597

· The three main reasons you cannot break free from the clutter and chaos cycles
· How to utilize the tools to help break out of this ridiculous cycle
· Why putting an action plan into place can make all the difference in whether or not you and your family succeed in breaking the sequence of clutter to organization and back to the chaos
· The never-ending possibilities that breaking the series of clutter and truly getting organized can bring into your life
· Why just finding a home for your things and getting organized is not enough, even though it seems like the solution

This is accomplished by:7K0A0223

  • Educating them on the different communication and organization styles, priority setting, vision and goal planning, organization techniques and establishing responsibility and accountability systems.
  • Helping them create and implement a step-by-step action plan for making adjustments toward a more organized home and lifestyle with more time for themselves and their family.
  • Teaching them organization processes and cleaning systems adjusted to their lifestyles so they can find their balance of order in their home.
  • Setting the stage for a teamwork style home life so they can all focus on discovering their passions and purpose together.
  • Highlighting their key strengths and barriers, so they can focus on creating the pathway to their greater purpose.   
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