4 Tips to Control the Coat Closet Chaos

Are you afraid of the closet monster, that one that jumps out at you every time you open the closet in your entry way? Do you rush to meet guests at the door so they do not attempt to hang their coat in the closet? 

Have no fear here are quick tips to get your closet under wraps:

1) Sort closets by season.

      – Donate coats that you and your family have not worn or only wear once a year.

      – Coats that are completely out of season – pack away! Those vacuum seal bags really are great space savers.

2) If you do not have another place to store your jackets  try installing another bar.

     – I do not suggest tension rods for this unless you are installing caps to ensure the bar does not slide down the wall.

     – They make bars that hang off currently installed bars.

     – Just be sure there is enough height to fit two layers of coats without them dragging on the floor.

     – You may need/want to move the original bar up a little first.

3) Utilize the floor and top of the closet. 

     – Cubbies, shelving, hanging organizers all expand and make best use of the space you have.

               – Cubbies allow you to stack without having to constantly shuffle items.

               – Shelving can be used for everything from shoes, to baskets for accessories, or as a staging ground for morning activities (kids lunch boxes, projects, extra curricular items – leotards, cleats, etc)

              – Hanging organizers can be great for shoes, accessories, user manuals, out door toys, etc.

4) Don’t forget about all of your door and wall space!

     – Command hooks are awesome! Belts, ties, hats, coats, leases, umbrellas, the list goes on!

     – Over the door hangers can make more room for coats, shows, purses, rock collects, just about anything you can think of!


With a little creativity and thinking outside of the box it is possible to create space that works for you and your household. Feel free to contact me at jessica@toporganizing.com if you have any specific questions, I love to help! Also, do not forget to sign up for our  monthly newsletter at the top of the page! 

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