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I decided to work with TOP Organizing because I wanted to organize my belongings, purging what was not needed and making the remaining useful items available and easy to access when needed.  I don’t have a car and I don’t know where to donate all items.  TOP was able to take all of the donatable items with her and out of my life!
TOP delivered exactly what I needed.  We purged the trash and donatable items, and organized the remaining items so that they all had a home that was easily accessed for use.
TOP Organizing is effective, efficient, and empathetic. 

Fran S.

I reached out to TOP Organizing because I was so unorganized, and it got too overwhelming. It was contributing to the daily anxiety, felt disorganized in my head, which made it hard to make decisions on anything in my brain in my life.

TOP Organizing helped to get everything into a home, so everyone knew where to put it, not just me. I was no longer embarrassed for my son and his friends go down in the basement. And SO happy to not have any toys on the floor.

TOP Organizing is energetic and positive. They made it simple, fast, and stayed organized even as we were organizing. It was very interesting how everything we talked about was taken to the next deeper level of importance. 

Susan R

When I sought out TOP Organizing’s help I had mountains of boxes, that I had no idea what was inside. The longer they sat in storage, the more I would go through and try to find something, the more disorganized they got! 

Jess and TOP Organizing helped me reason WHY I was keeping everything in those boxes, and guided me in getting rid of over half of my things! I am now clear what is in each box, in case I do need something in them, and I am taking up less than half the space I was before.

TOP Organizing is insightful, knowledgeable, and efficient.

Ali S.

Before working with TOP Organizing my office in the basement was very disorganized, and it didn’t feel much like an office. 

They assisted me in creating ways to organize paper in vertical files and also in special bins with different kinds of business and organizational materials. Additionally, I received tips for letting go of things and paper that weren’t serving me.

I would describe TOP Organizing as efficient, patient, proactive, practical, and kind.

Joyce F.

Prior to working with TOP if someone had come to my apartment they would say it was clean and looked somewhat organized; however, as the person who was living in it I knew better. It was not that I had a lot of stuff, but more that it was not organized and I hid things all throughout the house. I was not using any systems in my living space to help keep me organized. 

Another issue I had was that things did not always have places in my apartment so I had random things sitting out in my house. I am one of those people who likes when things have their specified places.

Further, I was struggling with the space in my kitchen. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and therefore space tends to be an issue. My ingress and egress in the kitchen area was tight and in general I avoided the room because I found it to be a stressful environment because I did not know what to do with it.

The solutions I received by working with TOP have been amazing. First, we went through my whole apartment and found documentation that should have been together all through the house. I now have a filing system that I have kept organized and have added to. I recently caught myself following an old habit of letting papers and mail pile up on my counter and had to remind myself I did not have to live like that anymore because I had a system to deal with that and so I did.

After working with TOP we were able to optimize my space in my 1 bedroom apartment everything now has a place and is something I do not stress about.

Another solution that TOP helped me with was finding a way to have my kitchen be a functional room that I was not avoiding. We did this by first assessing what my normal schedule and routine is and then addressed how we could optimize what was going on. We moved furniture around, removed a few things from the room, switched how I was using my limited cabinet space. Since the implementation of this I have enjoyed the space, not avoided the room and in general am in love with what we accomplished.

Top Organizing is thorough, motivating, dedicated, caring, understanding, and life changing.

Travis T.

When I sought out TOP Organizing I was overwhelmed with stuff surrounding me…falling around my ears and eyes.  Through working with TOP Organizing I received motivation and the idea that I really could part with non essential items. In a few words, working with them is efficient, time worthy, a good investment, cheerful and uplifting owner, a truly needed service.


Truly Needed

Jess is fabulous!!! My mother and stepfather where coming into town for the weekend and I desperately needed to get my spare bedroom organized. . . . Jess came over we talked about what I was needing help with, I really just needed to de clutter and organize the space. She was so easy to work with and helped me go through all of my childhood crap that I had put in boxes and lugged with me everywhere I went. We managed to get 4 rubber maid containers down to 2 and helped organize linens and winter clothes and camping gear to fit in our small closet. We had the spare bedroom de cluttered and organized in two one hour visits AND, she even took all the stuff we wanted to donate to goodwill for us! She is truly amazing at what she does and is such a pleasure to work with!! Thanks for all you do Jess!!!


Roxy R.

Jessica is amazing! I engaged her services as a professional organizer, and am delighted with the results. With her assistance and guidance, we successfully cleared off a desk that was piled with paperwork and other random items. Now everything that was on the desk is nicely sorted into folders and bins, or recycled. With her help, I know that I will successfully organize other parts of my home and office. 

– Joyce F.

Joyce F.

When my husband was forced to retire due to medical issues we decided our best financial move was to pack up quickly and move across country. Being a packrat and having lived in our home for 15 years resulted in a very cluttered and overstuffed basement. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. Jessica to the rescue! She came in, didn’t run away screaming, then helped me sort and organize. Not only did Jess help me see that the disaster could be tamed and managed, she helped me change my thinking on how to deal with clutter and create an organized space. As a result even our new place is pretty well put together. Although if she happened to be in Florida my office could use some help… I would highly recommend hiring Jessica. You and your mess will be glad you did.
Patty E.

Patty E.

Recently my daughter and I had the opportunity to take a 4 week class offered by Top Organizing. I have attended many classes, seminars, and trainings for various aspects of my business including some life coaching and other organizational based classes, but never have I felt like they have impacted my family and our lives so much. Jess was outstanding! Not only did she provide a solid format and deliver her information in a positive and clear manner, but she did so with enough enthusiasm and fun to keep my eight year old engaged! We both learned about each other, and how we communicate and function in our own spaces… and that brought peace to my house! Do you know how often we have fought over her cleaning her room since a month ago when we finished the class. ZERO! With the help of TOP Organizing and Jess, we took a disaster of a space (that I couldn’t even open her closet door to put away clothes) and created a functional and CLEAN zone! Not only did that solve stress and chaos in her room, but it started us out in a much more relaxed place for school! No more fighting about what to wear in the mornings because she cant find something, no more searching for shoes… It’s amazing what a small investment the class was compared to the return I experience every day!

Candy K.

Jessica helped me organize my kitchen and it was wonderful. She went through the whole process with me of asking what things work for me, what I like, and giving suggestions to see what would work best going forward. She also organized my girls clothes and closets and it has been a lasting fix to keeping their room organized! Jessica is prompt and responsive and pays attention to details. I appreciate that she is easy to talk to and cheerful in all her communication. 

Rebekah A.

I approached Jessica at TOP Organizing when I had finally had enough. Enough of feeling disorganized and overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of all the stuff our family had accumulated over many, many years. We were starting to run out of storage space which was ridiculous. While I knew I could de-clutter and do it on my own I never did. I wasn’t actively looking for help at the time, but knowing that Jess would be by my side inspired me. I took action because I trusted Jess and knew she wouldn’t judge. The TOP approach is methodical and thorough. The best thing about the experience was I learned about how our habits had gotten us in the big fat mess in the first place. Thanks to TOP  we have structure and order in the house. It is easy to maintain our new sense of calm and enjoy each other’s company without the big elephant in the room. I highly recommend TOP Organizing for people who need help getting organized in their homes or in their offices.

Lisa H.

Jessica helped avoid costly mistakes, such as overlooking information or missing appointments. She helped make a positive impression on clients, co-workers and visitors to our company. Jessica is responsible, serous about her job and capable of larger tasks.

Paula G.