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How Organized Are You?

How Organized Are You Really?


This quick “yes” or “no” quiz will help you get a better understanding of how organization plays into your life and some areas for improvement.

  • Do you know how long it takes you to get up and out the door each morning?                      
  • Have you arrived on time and in the right location for all of your appointments in the last month?                     
  • Do you get to have time to do something you enjoy for yourself every day?                      
  • Do you use a list when you go grocery shopping?                      
  • Can you tell a guest in your home where to find the things they would need to stay for a week in your home without you?                      
  • Are all surfaces of your house free of piles, stuff that isn’t currently being used, debris, and other clutter?                      
  • Have your bills and credit cards been paid on time for the last six months?                      
  • Do you know how much money you have in your wallet and bank accounts?                      
  • Do the people in your home help with cleaning and maintenance (dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc)?                      
  • Do you have goals set for yourself and household?                      

Bonus Question: Do you feel organized?                      

IMG_6010    VS    IMG_6024



SCORE: 10 points for each question “yes” you marked, 5 points for the Bonus.


90 points of higher:  Congrats!! You have your ducks in a line. You have a fabulous handle on organization and how it plays a positive role in maintaining an effective and efficient lifestyle.

70-89 points: Looking good. You are well on your way to having it all figured out. Things are together and even better, you’re human and you are probably living a full, well-rounded and fun life. Keep it up!

50-69 points: You have some combination of good ideas or implementation around organizing. You could probably use a little assistance in ironing out some of the finer details of setting up your systems and procedures or putting them into play. 

10-49 points: Keep your head up. Life may be a little daunting for you right now, but know that there is hope! With a little knowledge, willingness to work, and a few adjustments here and there we can get you on the path toward a organized, effective and efficient lifestyle!


If you would like assistance if discovering better ways to organize please contact Jessica- [email protected] or 203-915-0474 to learn more about our educational program, comprehensive action plans, and one on one organizing help. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in working toward a happier, healthier lifestyle.