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Chaos Ensues

Holiday season is generally a fabulous time of year, but it can sometimes be rather hectic.

From traveling, house guests, creating fabulous meals, and even decorating the holidays can walk a very fine line between stress and happiness.

Chaos can quickly engulf us if we let it, but hopefully here are some tips to help you keep your cool and the happiness levels much higher than the stressful ones.

1) Make lists.

       Whether it is the shopping list for dinner (ham, yams, milk, flowers, , a check list for the guest bathroom (towels, shampoo,… Continue reading

Holiday Transition

With Holiday Season in full being, many of us will be swapping out or bringing in new decorations for the inside and outside of our homes. This can be a very fun time of year with traditions focused around certain decor pieces or just the act of decorating. I hope some of these tips will ensure it stays fun, instead of frustrating and stressful.

If you have a wide variety of decorating that you do at the same time every year try some of these little tidbits to help keep your decorations more organized and easier to both find and… Continue reading

Not a Moment, but A Way of Life

Thank my lucky stars, this world has brought some outstanding people, and women especially into my life. Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with two amazing women who are both on the path of making positive changes in their own lives and everyone they touch. After one of them patiently listened to me passionately yap on about what I think organizing should be about, she knocked me on the floor with her statement. “Organizing is not just a moment, its a way of life.”

OMG! Someone gets it! I highly encourage anyone looking to get organized to do… Continue reading

Party in the Pantry

Whether it be in the pantry or cabinets, our food and appliances can tend to be out of control! More often than not, just as in life, there are some bad seeds stirring up all the trouble. Are you sick of the potato chips jumping out at you? Is that pesky popcorn maker constantly in the way, but you cannot remember the last time you used it?

From expired foods, weird jars of creations great Aunt Sally gave you, and the “meant to make your life easier” appliances the space in our kitchens quickly gets eaten up and over run.… Continue reading

The Start of Something Wonderful

Hey Everyone! Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

It’s great to meet you, I am Jessica, the owner and creator of Time Order Purpose Organizing, LLC– or TOP Organizing for short.

A little bit about me:

I am an organizational freak… I am that strange person that actually enjoys sifting through piles of paperwork, sorting through the junk in the garage, and in general helping things find their place.

Everything has a place and those things stay in their home.

Purging gives me great joy. I am focused on trying to live life as simply as possible, while… Continue reading