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Tips and Tricks

Values Revisited

In an attempt to expand on a blog post from two weeks ago Quit Responding, my intention is to write a post each week for the next 5 weeks about the 5 ways to take back control of your life.

  1. Know your values
  2. Establish your priorities
  3. Set Goals
  4. Accept responsibility (have versus be)
  5. Batch your time (STOP multitasking)

You can also find more on values in this post.

Today I will focus on Values. I am sure a few of you might roll your eyes a little bit and sigh values again?? I know it may seem like… Continue reading

Projects, Milestones, and Tasks

Have you ever made your to do list and immediately became overwhelmed with everything you had to do? Are their tasks that have been on your to do lists for weeks, months, or ever longer? Do you look at the amount of things you have to do and give up before you start?

Sometimes this is do to the sheer amount of things we have to do. We have too many things on our plate, have not set our priorities, are bad at saying no, or so many other hurdles we need work on.

Even is these things are in… Continue reading

Brain Dumping

Have you ever been so stressed out over ALL of the things you have to do? Brain dumping is a fabulous way to get everything out. When everything is on paper the biggest benefit is that your brain is not in charge of remembering all of it any more and you can relax a little bit. 

I feel like everyone is going to have their own way to complete a brain dump so I am going to give you some suggestions from what I do and find helpful.

Write it Down

You MUST use pen and paper. There is… Continue reading

Don’t Let the Penguins Out – Fix your Fridge Frustrations

When I was younger my dad would regularly yell at us kids to not let the penguins out of the fridge because we would just stand there with the doors open looking around only yo walk away empty handed. This was in part for two reasons: 1) we were young and bored so we immediately assumed we were hungry, but had no idea what we wanted. 2) there was so much stuff in the fridge it was difficult to tell what was in there.

The kitchen is a very high activity area, and the fridge probably takes a good brunt… Continue reading