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Change NOW

Are you already planning your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you decided that next year will be THE YEAR! Change is going to happen, it will stick!

We spend all Holiday Season hyping ourselves up for the big changes we are going to make. The new life we will create for ourselves. We cut ourselves slack in so many directions because when it is all over we will make the big changes. We will get our act in gear. Become the people we were always meant to be.

Then New Years rolls around, we try to take on way more than… Continue reading

Excellence vs Perfectionism

Have you ever struggled with getting stuck in moving forward because you needed everything to be just right?

Maybe you stayed at a job too long? Are you sticking out a relationship because it will be too difficult financially to go it alone? Perhaps you haven’t started a project because you don’t know where to start or not sure what you need?

Often we find ourselves in a holding pattern waiting for perfection to strike before we take action. We freeze up in anticipation or fear of failing, doing something wrong, or looking silly. When we act like this,… Continue reading

Goal Setting – Make it a Daily Habit

How often do you take time for goal setting? Is it an annual thing? Perhaps you do it quarterly? Monthly, weekly, daily? Where do you fall in with your goals?

Some people, like me, LOVE setting, chasing after, and accomplishing goals. Others do not enjoy anything about goals. And then there is a whole host of people in between.

So what is it that we are supposed to do with our goals? How are we supposed to set them? What do we do when we accomplish them?

Goal setting can be fun, simple, and rewarding. However, it can also be… Continue reading

Setting Up Systems

Setting up systems is by far one of the most important and best benefits of getting organized. It is especially wonderful when you have already been tracking your time. When we track our time it can be monumental. It helps to see where we are wasting time, where we can be more efficient and effective, and how setting up routines and systems can benefit us. 

Often times in time tracking we tend to see patterns — good or bad — that need some addressing. The negative patterns we need to learn what creates them and how to break them.… Continue reading

I figured it out! – Daily Time Tracking Success!

As many of you have been following I am putting myself through my own time management process, and well, it is going a bit slowly because one of the most important things you need to do is track your time. I had tried multiple options for daily time tracking and came up short. Then I was gone for about 3 weeks, which always requires another week to get back into the swing of things. Alas! I believe I have figured out the way that works for me!

I have created a template for one day from 12-12 and printed it… Continue reading

Fighting Against the Downward Spiral

Have you ever found yourself just stuck in that rut, constantly complaining, worrying, or wondering how you are ever going to get out of it? Unfortunately, it is very easy for us to get stuck in the downward spiral – focusing on the negative, and bringing even more of it into our lives.

We have all had one of THOSE days, or weeks, or even years, it can seen. This is part of the downward spiral. We can start the day off with being late, stub our toe, get stuck in traffic, have a terrible meeting at work, spill our… Continue reading

Gratitude Journal – Change your life today

Have you ever needed, wanted, a huge change to happen in your life? Did you ever feel like you were on the brink of something bigger and needed a little push over the edge? Well I may have a way! The gratitude journal is a place for just that – everything you are grateful for. If you can make this seemingly simple book a daily habit for you, there is no doubt in my mind that it will change your life. 

I encourage everyone I know to do their gratitude journal in the morning. Think about it… starting… Continue reading

Reclaim the Kitchen Table

In a recent poll we did of our neighbors we found that the majority of people find their Kitchen Table is their biggest problem area around the home. We want to give you some ideas on how to reclaim your kitchen table again!

Some of the most common items we see on kitchen tables include – mail, food storage, homework, clothes, toys, crafts, and so much more.

Whether you eat every meal at your kitchen table or it is really just there for rare occasions having a clean and clutter free table can make a big difference in your home… Continue reading

Big Picture Changes for the New Year

Have you ever sat back and looked at your life, and thought, ” How did I get here?” You had big dreams, massive goals, but somewhere along the way, things did not go as planned. Something happened that set you off-course. Maybe at the time you thought it was just a small adjustment, but it changed your direction exponentially. 

If you want to turn 2016 into the year to make forever positive changes in your life, the first step is understanding what you want to stand for and where you want to go. The most empowering thing we can… Continue reading

In and Out Rule

Do you have so much stuff in your home, that cozy is beginning to feel cramped? Are you overwhelmed by all of your stuff and just do not know where to start?

Often times we get into these situations because we are constantly bringing in new things to our home — even if they are just “new to us” it is still more stuff coming into the home that we probably do not have space for. 

One of the greatest things we can start doing in instituting the “In and Out Rule”.

Simply stated this means for everything that… Continue reading