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Setting Up Systems

Setting up systems is by far one of the most important and best benefits of getting organized. It is especially wonderful when you have already been tracking your time. When we track our time it can be monumental. It helps to see where we are wasting time, where we can be more efficient and effective, and how setting up routines and systems can benefit us. 

Often times in time tracking we tend to see patterns — good or bad — that need some addressing. The negative patterns we need to learn what creates them and how to break them.… Continue reading

I figured it out! – Daily Time Tracking Success!

As many of you have been following I am putting myself through my own time management process, and well, it is going a bit slowly because one of the most important things you need to do is track your time. I had tried multiple options for daily time tracking and came up short. Then I was gone for about 3 weeks, which always requires another week to get back into the swing of things. Alas! I believe I have figured out the way that works for me!

I have created a template for one day from 12-12 and printed it… Continue reading

We are So Excited!!

Hello!! How are you?!?!

It has been a wonderfully eventful last month around Time Order Purpose Organizing. First, please let us apologize for having not updated you sooner, but we are here now, and want you to be able to share in all of the fun.

Part of the reason we have been missing in action the last few weeks was that we were off becoming a nation wide company! After officially serving clients in Boston and Connecticut we can boast a national company claim. This is super exciting it opens a lot of doors for us to help more… Continue reading

Storage closet organization

Storage closet organization seems funny to talk about as an organizer. You would think that I would have absolutely no need for a storage closet. This is not the case. Of course, my closet is small, and there is a good amount of room left in it. Plus, everything in the closet has a use or purpose. 

To me a storage closet is a closet specifically used for less used or accessed items. Also, it is often not in the main areas of the home. For example, my storage closet is located outside of my condo. 

What is… Continue reading

Tracking Time

Sometimes practicing what you preach is easier said than done. Over the last couple weeks I have had every intention to tracking time, but I have yet to find the best way for me to do it continuously.

This gave me the brilliant idea, that if I, the organizer, can’t seem to do it, how can people a little less structured manage this seemingly simple task. Therefore, I want to share with you the ways that I tried to track my time and some ideas I have moving forward. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take some of those ideas… Continue reading