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Jessica Nowell

Do you have a Command Center?

Do you ever feel a little like a chicken with its head cut off — you can feel the chaos increasing and your energy quickly depleting? Are you constantly looking for important paperwork or having to remind your family of simple rules or duties? Perhaps your family is in need of a Command Center! This area can be life changing for families, especially when instituted to fit your specific family needs. 

What is a Command Center?

I am sure many of you reading this are going, well that sounds like it could be cool, but what the heck… Continue reading

Mail Center Kills the Beast

As I sat here thinking about what I wanted to or should write about, I could have bonked myself over the head… One of the first things I almost always talk about with my clients is what do they do with their mail. For some reason most people have major issues with mail. They do not like to open it, it ends up all over the place, things get forgotten, etc. Today, I am going to share some of my favorite tips for helping create a mail center and manage the beast that is the mail.

mail center

The Mail Beast

There… Continue reading

Do you start your day right?

Sometimes we get to the end of our day and feel like we have gotten run over by a truck. Nothing seems to have gotten done, no one is really happy, and it is almost like you are lost as to how you got here, where you are, or who was involved. I encourage you to consider how it all started. Did you start your day right?

How many of us start checking emails, phone messages, and social media before we even leave our beds? How often do you jump out of bed and start going without a moment to… Continue reading

Gratitude Journal – Change your life today

Have you ever needed, wanted, a huge change to happen in your life? Did you ever feel like you were on the brink of something bigger and needed a little push over the edge? Well I may have a way! The gratitude journal is a place for just that – everything you are grateful for. If you can make this seemingly simple book a daily habit for you, there is no doubt in my mind that it will change your life. 

I encourage everyone I know to do their gratitude journal in the morning. Think about it… starting… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning For More Than the Home

When we hear spring cleaning, most of us groan a little at the thought of deep cleaning everything in our home. I encourage you to look a little deeper at what Spring Cleaning can actually help you accomplish. 

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

  1. More space, clear surfaces, less stuff 
  2. Save time from having to look for things or go shopping to buy things you cannot find
  3. Find money – we often find money when going through our stuff and you don’t have to buy things you already have
  4. Create a clean home, free of dust, expired food, chemicals, medicines,… Continue reading

Time Management Tips

Do you find yourself constantly asking for more time in the day? Are you always running short on the time to do all of the things you need to get done in a week? Many of us have troubles when it comes to time management, so please do not feel like you are the only one!

Time is finite and it is our equalizer. We all only have 24 hours in a day. The thing that sets us apart is what we do with that time, and how we make the most of every second!

Time management is so often… Continue reading

Reclaim the Kitchen Table

In a recent poll we did of our neighbors we found that the majority of people find their Kitchen Table is their biggest problem area around the home. We want to give you some ideas on how to reclaim your kitchen table again!

Some of the most common items we see on kitchen tables include – mail, food storage, homework, clothes, toys, crafts, and so much more.

Whether you eat every meal at your kitchen table or it is really just there for rare occasions having a clean and clutter free table can make a big difference in your home… Continue reading

Priority Setting: Make your To-Do List Work For You

Are you constantly in the struggle of too many things to do, not enough time, money, resources, or attention to give?

One thing that many of us struggle with on a regular basis is where our time and attention go. Unfortunately, for many of us, it does not even seem like we are getting to make the choice of where either go. We almost end up  becoming victims to our schedules, our activities, responsibilities. Whether you feel chained to your calendar or imprisoned by the 90 million things you are a part of, hopefully you will find a little… Continue reading

Decluttering Basics

Have you ever looked around you home and thought, Oh My God! Where did all of this stuff come from? For most of us we tend to not notice the abundance of things accumulating in our homes, offices, and lives until we are surrounded or until we have to move it all. Decluttering can be a simple way to minimize the overwhelm.

We are going to share with you some simple tips that will help you get the process started.

There are some things to know first before we jump into this. Each person is DIFFERENT! We all function differently,… Continue reading

Christmas Tree Take Down

It is a week into January and you don’t have your tree down yet. For some this is normal, and for others – like myself – panic is starting to set in.


Taking down the tree can be a source of stress and anxiety. Who wants to deal with tangled lights, the possibility of breaking ornaments, and figuring out where to put it all. After all of your holiday celebrating is over, sometimes the last thing we want to do is take down the tree. We don’t want it to end, we just don’t have the time, or we plainly… Continue reading