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Jessica Nowell

Where does the time go?

As we talked about last week, far too many people are wondering what happened to their days. Where did it go? How do they get back more time, etc. There are some great ways to start recognizing what is the problem with time management. 

We all only have a finite amount of time. We each are given the same 24 hours each day. How is it that some people can accomplish so much more? And some people are running around their their heads cut off and never get anything accomplished? So how do some people have such good time… Continue reading

Earn Back Time

Do you ever find yourself wishing for more time in a day? How about wondering where the day went? Or how are you supposed to be able to get everything on your to-do list accomplished? Wishing the feeling of overwhelm would go away already? Do not worry you are not alone! These are some of the most popular feelings I hear on a regular basis from clients and friends alike. I regularly get asked how do you do all of that? Do you ever sleep? How do you have so much energy?


Strategically eliminate overwhelm.


Own your time… Continue reading

Bathroom Organization

I have a confession to make… This week I was having my carpets cleaned, and much like most people I felt compelled to run around my house like a crazy person cleaning before they got here. Some how this turned into organizing my bathroom (well mostly linen closet), too. Of course, because I did this in such a hurried, unplanned fashion, I do not have a video or before pictures to show you. I will however let you know what I did. I personally like doing bathroom organization because they are pretty quick and usually… USUALLY… there is not too… Continue reading

Book Organization

According to Marie Kundo, Book Organization should come next in this process. For such an avid reader (at least recently, can’t say the same for my earlier years) I have a relatively small book collection. This is mainly in part, like most of my things, to having move A LOT!!

When you move every year, you learn to let go of a lot of things. Books are generally the easiest because they are so heavy and difficult to move.

When it comes to books, just like clothing you want to take everything from its current residing place. In Marie’s eyes… Continue reading

Clothes Organization

Part Two of the Organization Process is to start with Clothes Organization. 

For some this is a quick and easy process. For others this may seem daunting and nearly impossible. Have no fear there is actually a very easy way to do this, so that it does not seem overwhelming to you.

Depending on the amount of clothing you have, how dispersed they all are, your willingness to make a quick and final decision many of you will need to plan ahead for somewhere between 5-10 hours. This is in part because you have not yet honed your… Continue reading

The Power of Why

As promised, I started my journey down the Organization Process path, which means we start with the power of why. Time Order Purpose Organizing always asks our clients to start with their why. This seemingly simple question is so integral to your organizing success, as well as propelling you forward in all of life. 

The Power of WHY

Why do you do what you do? Why do you want to get organized? Why are you in the place you are at? Why will any of this make a difference in your life? Why were you brought into this world?… Continue reading

Organizer’s Organizing Process

Recently, I have upped my organizing material intake. This has in turn made me look around more closely at my environment and realized it has been a while since I have taken stock of what I have and how it is working for me. I have decided its high time I share with you my organizing process.

First, I want to break some illusion you may have that organizers are ALWAYS PERFECTLY ORGANIZED… it just doesn’t happen. We are humans, we sometimes get piles, we cannot always control life or the people in our lives. We generally can bounce back… Continue reading

Fighting Against the Downward Spiral

Have you ever found yourself just stuck in that rut, constantly complaining, worrying, or wondering how you are ever going to get out of it? Unfortunately, it is very easy for us to get stuck in the downward spiral – focusing on the negative, and bringing even more of it into our lives.

We have all had one of THOSE days, or weeks, or even years, it can seen. This is part of the downward spiral. We can start the day off with being late, stub our toe, get stuck in traffic, have a terrible meeting at work, spill our… Continue reading


Do you know anyone that is caught up in their past? In all of the memories that their things hold, in the feelings of years long gone, in relationships ended ages ago?

Nostalgia can be a wonderful feeling, but it can also be detrimental for people who cannot let go of that time, person, or event. When we hold on to things from our past it can be very difficult to live to our fullest potential in our present and future lives. Are you feeling a little stuck? Have the memories of your past put up a big road… Continue reading

Yard Sale Tips

Yard sales!!  It’s about that time of year again and even though we have been suffering a storm in Denver it is still never too early to start planning your yard sale. Yard sales are a great way to do some major decluttering while capturing in on a little bit of profit. They can be called tag sales, yard sales, garage sales… the name doesn’t necessarily matter so much as when you have your garage sale. I’m going to share with you my top 8 tips as to the when, where, and how to host a garage sale.

1.… Continue reading