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TOP Organizing Tips

  1. Teamwork

            Cleaning and organizing is something the entire household should help with, it should NOT just be one person’s job.

  1. One Percent Changes

            Changing everything at once does not work. Make small incremental adjustments that build upon each other toward your big change for a more sustainable outcome.

  1. Purge

            Donate, toss, recycle, shred, or repurpose items. If you have not used it in the last 6-24 months it is most likely time to say good bye – be sure to set this limit ahead of time.

  1. Small Projects

            Do NOT feel like you have to organize the entire house or full room in one session. Do 1 drawer, 1 shelf, or 1 counter space. Enjoy the success and build momentum.

  1. Vision

            Know what organized looks like to you and have a plan with different milestones and deadlines to get you there.

  1. Accessibility

            Make sure the things you use the most are easy to get to and return to where you get them from. Some people need to see things in order to remember to use them, is that you?

  1. Like with Like

            Sort all of the same items at the same time (shoes, sheets, bills, etc). Then store like items with like items (allergy meds, cuts, etc to can items, cereal, pasta, etc).

  1. Practicality

            Be realistic about what you can get done at one time, your ability to maintain it, and what will work for your household. Its ok to adjust when things do not work as you hoped.

  1. Accountability

            Create a reward and/or consequence system and put it in place to help you stick with your 1% changes the majority of the time. No one is perfect!

  1. Communication Central

            Important phone numbers, meetings, chores, messages, grocery lists, etc. Create more communication, responsibility, and accountability while limiting whining and nagging.


For questions about or tips on how to implement any of these tips please contact Jessica at [email protected] or 203-915-0474 we would love to assist you in your journey to getting organized!